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Giancarlo Bisaglia

Giancarlo Bisaglia

Giancarlo Bisaglia was born and still lives in Padua. He obtained his diploma at the Padua Art Institute and has been working in the field of industrial design for many years. In the GLOBAL DESIGN studio, which he set up in 1993, he deals mainly with the design of office products, ranging from chairs to desk systems, and products and objects for the house, for Italian and foreign companies, in addition to the design of installations for exhibitions and trade fair stands. He has been lecturer in industrial design at the Italian Design School in Padua. He has successfully exhibited at ROSCOE in Canada and at the Biennale BIO show in Ljubljana and has gained recognition via participation in various Italian and international competitions.

Claus Breinholt

Claus Breinholt was born in Denmark in 1972 and lives and works in Copenaghen. With a degree in Furniture Design from the Danmarks Designskole, in 2003 he opened his studio based in Copenaghen, where he operates in the fields of industrial design and furnishing design for the contract and home sectors. He has won numerous national and international awards including FORBO Design Competition and the Danish Woodworking and Furniture Industries Competition. His products were exhibited from 2000 to 2006 at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in Copenhagen, in 2001 at the Satellite Show in Milan, in 2001 and 2003 at the International Furniture Fair in Stockholm and at Interzum in Cologne, in collaboration with Reholz GmBH.

Angelo Pinaffo

Angelo Pinaffo was born in Padua in 1966. He studied at the State Institute of Art “Pietro Selvatico” in Padua, where he got first the Art’s Master certificate and then the Applied Arts certificate in “Architecture and Interior Design”. He completed his academic career at the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV) in “Architectural Design”. Since the beginning of his academic training his remarkable creative ability allowed him to cooperate with important professional studios of architecture and design, establishing a decisive and steady relationship with the professional world.

Paolo Scagnellato

Born 1952 in Padua, in 1976 he obtains his degree in Architecture in Venice, with Arch. Aldo Rossi as reference-man. In 1977 he goes into business for himself. The evolution of the market requires on one hand to personalize the product, on the other to express the technology factor and the innovative aspect in the best simple way, that is a morphological and structural feasibility. It’s necessary to utilize new technologies and a wide knowledge of materials, giving them value, making them sense and changing them in functional objects. Design is to find the right balance between shape, which helps the material to be impressed and material, which helps to create your ideas.